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Insurance billing is becoming increasingly complicated, with countless pages of information to read through to determine benefits and eligibility. At A-Fordable Billing Solution, we already know the process. We offer a medical coding and billing service specifically designed for Mental Health, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Substance Abuse sufferers and providers. We know that the substance abuse and mental health fields have specific requirements, and here at A-Fordable Billing Solution we have developed streamlined procedures that make the process easy to understand for our clients, patients, and care providers alike.

A-Fordable Billing Solution can assist in the following areas:

For Individuals
Individuals have billing needs that are different from those of care providers; our services for individuals and families are tailored to meet those needs. We work with facilities and doctor's offices, even if we are not contracted with them, to assist your reimbursement process. When you are looking to find a Substance Abuse or Mental Health facility, you will find our services indispensable in the areas of benefit verifications, utilization reviews, and following up on claims.

Often, when individuals do not use medical billing specialists they can be left with questions and outstanding bills they do not understand.  With A-Fordable Billing Solution, your questions and concerns are answered as a part of the process. Don't allow yourself to get stuck with a "superbill," let our experience set your mind at ease. As medical billing advocates we believe in family first with our Family Advocacy Program©

Trust, Honesty and Expertise for Providers
A-Fordable Billing Solution is a Pasadena based medical billing company that has worked in the field of substance abuse and mental health developing an expertise at providing billing services tailored to these industries. Our staff members have decades of experience working with industry leaders and continue to receive additional training to ensure they are able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Leaving the technical side of medical billing and insurance coding to A-Fordable Billing is smart, cost-effective and simple.  Speak with one of our specialists today, and start dedicating more of your valuable staff resources to support your high-quality patient care.


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