Medical billing and coding company located in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in treatment center related billing issues.
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A-fordable Billing Solutions

A-Fordable Billing Unfolded

Substance Abuse Billing

A-Fordable Billing Solution brings together the best in human resources, software, medicine and technology, making us one of the most efficient medical billing companies.

Our team members have a combined experience of over 30 years in the mental health and substance abuse fields; we have aided countless numbers of families, individuals and care providers. Our client relation teams work closely with you to ensure you have the very best experience possible.

Client Confidence and Patient Care

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the confusing paths and paperwork of medical insurance billing, medicare billing, utilization reviews, eligibility, etc., and we promise to help our clients find the best way out at affordable prices.

We have been able to help individuals with medical claims when it seemed that receiving any compensation was impossible. We provide consultation and are always available to our clients if any new issue or information arises.

Solid Long-Term Relationships with Providers

A-Fordable Billing Solution has built solid relationships with many Mental Health care management systems and substance abuse care providers. These relationships have been built on the basis of trust, consistency, and actually doing what we say we will do. We provide comprehensive services and within those services we offer strong analysis and guidance when it comes to billing for health care providers.

Because we know our services are allowing you to meet the needs of more patients, our utilization reviews will be accurate, though we can always go back to reevaluate if something doesn’t match up. We know that our patient care providers always want to give the highest levels of care and the best services available, and A-Fordable Billing Solution is here to help do so.