Medical billing and coding company located in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in treatment center related billing issues.
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A-fordable Billing Solutions

Medicare Billing And Medical Billing Services for Individuals

Medicare Billing

A-Fordable Billing Solution has been a specialty provider of medical billing assistance, evaluation and review for over 30 years in Pasadena, California.  While many companies would like to compete with us, no one has our strength of staff, technology, follow-through, and consistently excellent customer service.  Medical billing can be a difficult subject to understand. At A-Fordable Billing Solution we are here to walk you through every step of the way, to see that you are treated correctly and do not have to pay any more than necessary.   

What We Do for the Individual

Medical insurance is a daunting task, even the words “eligibility”, “utilization review”, “verifications”, “medical collections” give the calmest person a touch of anxiety.  Resolve your concerns by learning more about what A-Fordable Billing can do for you.  Our step-by-step instructions make dealing with your benefit verifications and eligibility easy.  We have even included a simple online form here so that you can review your eligibility with a Medicare billing or medical billing specialist.

With our knowledge and expertise in healthcare management systems, we are able to give our clients the very best information. We can help you find out what facilities you would be eligible for, and for how long.  It's important to get the right facts now, so you won't be confused about bills later.  We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the information in a way that you can understand.

Get going today by filling out our eligibility form and sending it in.  You will receive a confidential consultation, and we will not use your information for anything else.