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Medical Claims and Billing For Health Care Providers

Billing For Health Care Providers

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As Health Care Providers, we know you want to offer the very best quality care to each of your patients.  Understanding their coverage will help ensure they are receiving maximum benefits, and resolve confusion or conflict that may arise by using other medical billing specialists.

At A-Fordable Billing, we are an industry leader working primarily with substance abuse and mental health facilities, including sober living environments, rehabilitation centers, inpatient and outpatient facilities, and more. Our goal as a medical claims and billing specialist is to make your facility run smoothly from the technical and billing side.  We are able to collaborate with you to provide any specific billing services that your company requires.


The ins and outs of benefits, eligibility, and verification are enough to give anyone a headache.  The fine print is overwhelming unless you're a specialist. At A-Fordable Billing Solution, our staff members are educated and up-to-date on all of the necessary information.

We use a variety of different tools, including state-of-the-art electronic claims processing software and a highly skilled team of experts to verify every client that walks through the doors of your facility.  We will understand their coverage, coverage restrictions, deductibles, and limitations in medical insurance billing so we can explain them to you and answer your questions.

Follow Up and Claims

One area where many medical billing facilities fall short is inefficient or non-existent follow-up. At A-Fordable Billing Solution, our commitment to follow-up sets us apart.  We track the progress of your claims from start to finish, to help make certain that you and your clients are getting exactly what you expect.  Our clients have been with us for years and we are proud that we continually exceed expectations.